Between 25 and 30 foreign exhibitors from 10 countries are expected to attend the second  Nigeria International Agro Input and Equipment Exhibition, the organisers, CEMS Nigeria, has said. 

Operation Manager of CEMS Nigeria, Yekeen Kazeem, said the second edition of the agricultural exhibition has been slated for October 15 to 17, 2019 at the Marhaba events center, Kano with focus on six thematic areas that are planned to boost agricultural development in Nigeria, particularly in Northern Nigeria.

Speaking in Kaduna on Tuesday, Kazeem said the areas to be covered by the expo with the theme; ‘Showcasing Latest Technologies in Agro Inputs and Equipment Towards Food Security in Nigeria’, include; fertiliser/ crop protection, agriculture mechanisation, greenhouse/ organic farming, seeds, sapling and horticulture, water and irrigation technologies and agricultural services. 

According to him, “the bane of agric development in Nigeria is that government failed to concentrate on boosting local capacity. Nigeria did not encourage local producer of agric inputs; fertilisers, agro chemicals, seedlings, even agro equipment which are produced in large quantity in Nigeria such as maize planter, harvester, groundnut shellers etc.

“The primary goal of NIAA West Africa Expo is to showcase and promote modern agriculture technologies, disseminate the most advanced agricultural experiences as well as enable agricultural executives and officials discuss relevant issues associated with ongoing growth and development of agriculture in Northern Nigeria. 
“There are lots of agric exhibitions in Lagos and Southern Nigeria but we have few in the North despite the huge agric potential especially in grains. We want to concentrate on the North and sub Saharan regions, we want to from Kano reach out to other regions and sub Sahara. We want to include women in agriculture system, who are very active, as well as distributors.”

Source: Blue Print

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