The Chief Executive officer of Tepebo Farms has advocated for Nigerian business people involved in the poultry and pig value chain to see the situation of the ‘African Swine Disease’ in China as an opportunity and utilize it to the fullest.

According to Mr. Adenuga Adeniyi, the Nigerian business and farming populace should hold talks with the Chinese government and strategize on ways to foster the export of pig and poultry products to China.

Mr Adeniyi said, “Due to the prevalence and first outbreak in August, China has been forced to cull over 1.5million pigs and are yet to control the spread thereby causing a shortfall and rise the price of whole pork.

“Nigerian businessmen and farmers can now engage the Chinese government to export pork to China as pork production in Nigeria is emerging and booming.”

Mr Adeniyi said that Nigeria can also use the trade war between China and America to her advantage because China would not be able to get products from America due to the high Chinese tariffs for American products.

He said that for this to work, it would require a collaborative effort between the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Trade and Investment and Bilateral Develop Organisations.

The African Swine Fever is a viral disease which affects pig and poultry birds and is currently causing a nuisance in China. Containing the disease has turned to a Herculean task for the Chinese government as the demographics of infected animals continue to increase causing a massive recall of pig and poultry products from the Chinese market.

This problem has caused a massive hike in the price of pig and poultry products in China and has turned on the radar of exporters who see the inflation in China as the right business opportunity.

Source: AgroNigeria

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