The Special Adviser to the State Governor on Agriculture, Ms Abisola Olusanya has called on stakeholders in the agricultural sector to embrace technology in order to accelerate processes in the value chain.

Olusanya, who spoke in Lagos on Thursday when she met with Revenue Stakeholders of the Ministry, also solicited their support and cooperation in making the State a 21st century economy in line with the THEMES agenda of the State Government.

She asserted that Agriculture is a major part of the process of making Lagos a 21st-century economy it desired because the majority of Nigerians are farmers, adding that everybody, therefore, has a role to play in the realisation of the objective.

“Agriculture is all about the entire value chain and that is where a lot of us come in. We are middlemen regardless of the fact that we don’t farm but we ensure that food gets to the final consumers in one way or the other, thus, that is where each and every one of us fits in”, she averred.

The Special Adviser noted that the State Government is committed to the revitalisation of agriculture as a whole in the State in order attract more people into the sector, revealing that this informed the convening of a Stakeholders Engagement some few weeks ago by the State Government to chart a roadmap in agriculture.

“We need a lot of you people to come and make sure that the space is an attraction. Some years back, football and entertainment weren’t attractive but the reverse is the case nowadays. So we can do the same for Agriculture”, she said.

While stressing the need for the discharge of their tax payment responsibilities to the State Government in order to quicken the pace of development, Olusanya called for a mutually-benefitting relationship between the stakeholders and government.

“We need to come together to arrive at a point that is beneficial for us. We listen to what our stakeholders have to say and we then work on what they have said in order to deliver”, the Special Adviser explained.

Source: PM News

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