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Call for Application from Oyo State Youth in Agribusiness

The Oyo State Youth in Agribusiness Tomatoes Project is an agribusiness project that is focused on developing fresh young farmers in the state through the Oyo State Agribusiness Incubation Park Centres.

The aim of the project is to empower the participants with enhanced technical, business and entrepreneurial skills for profitable cultivation of tomatoes. Successful applicants will be exposed to the best technical practises and guidance in tomato production and equipped with transferable skills and modern approaches in the production of other crops.

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Amarava Rice Mill Sets to Double Capacity

In what would be a major boost and a bold step towards self-sufficiency in rice production in Nigeria, Amarava Rice Mill, one of Nigeria’s leading indigenous milling company based in Kano has expressed the commitment to double its production capacity by September 2019.

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