Tomato sales in Britain experiences an increase with the industry currently making plans to produce more than 50% of what is currently consumed by 2030. According to the British Tomato Growers’ Association (BTGA), consumption has increased by 12% in the last 12 months.

Modern Britain consumes roughly 500,000 tonnes of fresh tomatoes each year. 1/5 of that quantity comes from the UK, according to the BTGA.

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According to Julie Wooller, a member of the BTGA, the push will be beneficial to individuals’ and families’ meal times. She said: “Growing tomatoes in Britain for British customers means they stay on the vine for longer, so when they reach your plate they’re bursting with flavour and the nutritional value is higher too. Minimizing the time between picking and eating is key.”

“It’s also good news for the environment as our growers are investing in better practices and technology to drastically reduce impact on the environment – from smart water recycling and LED lighting to renewable energy generation, natural predators to control pests and native UK bumblebees to pollinate the plants. Sustainability isn’t just important, it’s essential.”

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