The Chairman, Best Foods Group, Mr. Emmanuel Ijewere, has called on Directors of Companies to invest actively in the agricultural value chain, stating that the industry is capable of ensuring a fair distribution of the country’s wealth.

Ijewere who spoke in Lagos over the weekend at the Institute of Directors (IoD) February 2018 induction ceremony for new members’ with the theme: ‘A Director in An Uncommon Industry’, said in the past 20 years, agriculture has become 90 per cent science and 10 per cent energy.

He further added that an individual who desires to investor in the industry, needs staying power, confidence in the industry, and must work to support the growth of the industry to achieve success.

Ijewere also stated that as an industry, which has 75per cent of the population actively involved in it, it guarantees the interests of not only the farmers, but also their children’s future, noting that if the country is committed in making progress in the industry, there is need for educated Nigerians to play a key role in reviving the sector.

Ijewere explained that if the huge potential of the sector are harnessed, it would create more jobs, even as he called on the banking sector to find a way to be proactive in their responsibilities.

Earlier, in his remarks, the President and Chairman of Council, Institute of Directors, Alhaji Rufai Mohammed, said it is instructive to observe that laws, policies and regulations that shape a country’s business environment is the outcome of the interplay between the public and private sectors.

He explained that as a Business Membership Organisation (BMO), the institute also plays an active intermediary and ensures cohesive interplay between these two sectors of the economy.

Mohammed added that they identify pressing constraints in the business environment, give technical and advisory services in formulating evidence-based policies, adding, “we also advocate for business-friendly laws and regulations and engage with government in both substantive and constructive dialogue.”

Ijewere added: “In the past 20 years, agriculture has become 90 percent science and 10 percent energy. The notion we had about agriculture in the past was that it just farming. If we need to achieve some of the benefits in the industry, we need to have enlightened individuals come into the sector and in so doing, we will be creating a better country for Nigerian. Directors should learn to think about the society and what should be done to improve its standards. In cassava production, we don’t have people who are paying attention it. Therefore, the challenge is focus. We need to focus supporting the production of cassava to high standards for the international market.”

 Source: thisday

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