The need to recruit more agriculture extension officers, to fill the gap, for ones due for retirement, has been advocated for government of Adamawa state.

Ibrahim Ali, state Coordinator OXFAM made the observation, arguing that, the more experts and resource injected in to agriculture, would scale up development partners intervention to boost the sector.

He said, state ministry of agriculture need to close gap of extension worker to avert brain drain of expert in the sector, as well as encourage farmers to key into agricultural activities in the state.

Ali noted that involving farmers in the supervision, tracking or monitoring of budgets, would better the plight of farmers to achieve optimal yield.

The workshop advocated for training and retraining extension workers through Fortnightly Training (FNT) and Monthly Training Review Meetings (MTRM) in the Agricultural sector.

“Govt employ extension workers to fill in the gap created by the retiring staff, including consideration of high-performing N-Power Agro extension workers for full-time employment.

“Govt should adopt a participatory approach, involving smallholder farmers in the disbursement of funds and inputs targeted at farmers and farmer groups.

“Resources be made to scale up development partners interventions, such as Oxfam’s Livelihood interventions and FAO’s Agricultural programs.

“The needs to close the gap of extension worker to farmer ratio, which will improve farmers’ accessibility to extension services.

“The Ministry of Agriculture to provide opportunities and platforms for farmers to market their produce locally and internationally.

Financial support and loans be given to help farmers carry out agricultural production. Interest rates on loans should be reduced to make rates repayable at single digit interest rates.

“Towards solving the problem of farmer-herder clashes, the government should develop already-designated grazing reserves and also proper enforcement of community regulations on stray animals

Participants at the meeting also made case for law and legislation be implemented to discourage the use of harmful insecticides on agricultural produce.

Stakeholders from Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Ministry of Finance, Adamawa State Planning Commission, Ministry of Livestock and Production, AADPs, NANGO),  Civil Society Organizations, OXFAM CRUDAN, Farmer groups, development partners participated at  the workshop

Source: Leadership

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