The need for Government at all levels to invest and provide adequate palliative to the real farmers in the Northwest parts of Nigeria has been stressed.

The National President of All Farmers Association of Nigeria ( AFAN ) Kabir Ibrahim made the appeal during an Interview in Katsina.

The AFAN National President said if the right measures are not taking quickly, there would be drastic drops in food production this year especially from the Northwest were Farmers are currently being prevented from cultivating their farmlands by bandits.

He advised against channelling what is meant to be for the farmers to wrong sources.

The AFAN President requested that resources should be channelled directly to the farmers in all the local government areas in the country.

” You must deal with People who will reach the Farmers directly. And I think involving AFAN is appropriate because we are present in all the 774 local governments in Nigeria.

The AFAN National President pointed out that such support would definitely assist farmers to produce enough food for consumption and securing food security in the Country.

He called for a need to build food reserves that could last for three years.

Mr Kabir Ibrahim also called for the clearance of forests where bandits are hiding so the land could be used for Agricultural purposes.

Source: Radio Nigeria


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